Data Engineer / Data Scientist

Sorint.tek, Business Unit focused on Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning is looking for young people who are passionate about technology, enterprising and eager to confront the most innovative technologies, able to work independently and collaboratively, but who can relate positively with the customer and the whole team.

Skills required:

  • Participate in the entire development lifecycle, from definition to design, implementation and testing

  • Collaborate with the team to move from proof-of-concept to actual functionality

  • Select and integrate all tools and frameworks needed to deliver the required functionality

  • Support the development of best practices within the project organization and share technology choices with the entire team

  • Participate in the design and build of large distributed systems that fit customer needs

  • Develop an understanding of the terminology and processes of the business vertical in the contracting environment

  • Passion for IT

  • Desire to grow from a technology perspective

  • Ability to work in a team

  • Willingness to work on customer premises

Nice to have:

  • Degree in a scientific discipline
  • Previous experience in the IT world
  • Kowledge of R language, Python, SAS, Java, SQL
  • Knowledge of Hadoop architectures