Application Modernization of a custom software for monitoring consumption, alarms and faults


Italian multinational company leader in the production of control systems and components for refrigeration


Increase the scalability of existing software, allowing greater efficiency in the use of cloud resources and full adherence to the needs of business growth

Reduction of out-of-service (with zero downtime target), thanks to the introduction of Continuous Deployment and blue/green deployment techniques for software cloud update

Spreading of knowledge and practice in micro service programming in the development team

Introduction of the concept of immutable infrastructure, through the release of an artifact from only codebase, ready to deploy in various environments



Modernize a legacy application to support the expansion of new customers while maintaining service quality on the existing installed.


In order to meet customer’s needs, it was necessary to undertake a path of competencies update (notions about cloud infrastructures, specific elements of cloud providers, new tools and native cloud technologies, new software development patterns) and acquisition of new notions of the development process (collaborative methodologies, assimilation of best practices, development of discipline within the team), all elaborated through a medium-term strategy with a roadmap that included several phases and a gradual management of modernization through iterative processes.

The main technologies used, all integrated on Aws cloud infrastructure, are:
Cloud AWS, Java, Apache Tomcat, Spring e Spring-mvc, Struts, ActiveMQ, JPA and Hibernate, Maven, Jaspersoft, ETL (Pentaho Data Integrator + Python scripts), Database PostgreSQL and pgAgent scheduler, Terraform.


SORINT.lab has been entrusted with the application modernization project of a custom software used to monitor consumption, alarms and failures, adding a container-based, cloud-ready solution for all new customers to the monolithic on-premise solution in use for the management of the existing large installed.

The activity involved the design and application development, in the field of IoT, in the Cloud; the design and configuration of the cloud infrastructure underlying the application and the implementation of the CI/CD pipeline in the cloud for development.

The activity was divided into phases:Code analysis: The source code of the existing application has been analyzed to understand the starting state for the transition to microservices.


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