SORINT design and deploy VMware Enterprise PKS now TKGI “Tanzu Kubernetes Grid integrated”


Large Italian TELCO company


  • Faster software development
  • Multi-cloud operations simplified
  • Developer experience improved
  • Accelerate Kubernetes enterprise
  • adoption
  • Well trained DevOps team
  • Enhance User Experience
  • Accelerate time to Value/market
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower Tco


SORINT design and deploy VMware Enterprise PKS
now TKGI “Tanzu Kubernetes Grid integrated”

Solution for the provisioning of Kubernetes Workloads in a private Cloud


Simplify the installation and operation on kubernetes cluster, solving “Day2 challenges” like:

  • Monitoring and health check
  • High Availability
  • Scaling
  • Lifecycle management

Accelerating kubernetes adoption.


VMware Enterprise PKS
VMware Enterprise PKS, part of the VMware Tanzu portfolio, enables operators to provision, operate, and manage enterprise-grade Kubernetes clusters using BOSH and Ops Manager..

Enterprise PKS has the following features
Enterprise PKS has the following features:
Kubernetes compatibility: Constant compatibility with current stable release of Kubernetes Production-ready: Highly available from applications to infrastructure, with no single points of failure BOSH advantages: Built-in health checks, scaling, auto-healing and rolling upgrades Fully automated operations: Fully automated deploy, scale, patch, and upgrade experienceMulti-cloud: Consistent operational experience across multiple clouds


SORINT.lab, which has technical and organizational requirements to successfully meet the commitment to provide the services covered by the customer, undertake to take charge of the following tasks:

Design a container management foundation 
The VMware Enterprise PKS for Container Management Design Service provides a solution design for building and management of a container-centric infrastructure.
Design workshop to gather the requirements of the Customer for the VMware Enterprise PKS environment.

Deploy VMware Enterprise PKS for Container Management 
Deployment of the VMware Enterprise PKS platform to help Customer create a Private Cloud environment for provisioning Kubernetes workloads.

Deliver a Knowledge Transfer Workshop 
This workshop is intended for operators that need to provide and manage PKS. At the end of the workshop, participants have been enabled to operate PKS through its full lifecycle, gathering knowledge about how to monitoring, scale and path PKS cluster, how to handle techniques and tooling to manage host failures, to provide high-availability and disaster recovery, and to manage security aspects of the PKS infrastructure.

Day 1
Deploy Kubernetes cluster via Bosh
Deploy Kubernetes clusters on-demand
Self-healing VMs and monitoring
Elastic Scaling for Cluster (Scale up/down)
Rolling Upgrades to latest Kubernetes Release
High-availability and multi AZ support


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