Ercole was born after many years of experience of SORINT in IT consulting. Customers expressed the need to have control of the licenses actually installed and used by their infrastructure, to avoid vendor fines during extemporaneous licenses assessments.

To offer full support both to Ercole and to the infrastructure controlled by Ercole, SORINT has prepared a professional services catalogue that includes activities such as: license analysis and optimisation , implementation projects delivery, software development, database management and performance & tuning.


Take care of your Oracle Database and prevent the use of unauthorized licenses


Plan your Patch Set Updates and Release Updates patching lifecycle


All interesting Oracle advisory output pre-elaborated and in a single point


Find your over allocated DB server and use the licenses where you really need


Plan your Recovery Manager backup policy in the best possible way


Have you ever tried to fill LMS Oracle Audit file? ERCOLE does it automatically!

Ercole support service level

Ercole github community support

Ercole, being an open source software, benefits of a rich community that interacts and improves the product constantly.

SORINT, the company that developed the software from scratch, actively participates in the community by developing patches to reported problems, implementing new features and managing the roadmap for future releases.

Ercole dedicated support

SORINT provides to the customers a dedicated and preferential channel to clarify any doubts about the product and its features within a set time frame.

The service provides a single entry point for the customer who can request:

  • Bug fixing
  • Request for product information
  • Development of new features
  • Customizations

Ercole server and agent deploy and maintenance

SORINT provides a first installation and deployment service for the entire Ercole platform:

  • Ercole server
  • Ercole agent
  • Ercole virtualization agent

The service also ensures that the entire infrastructure is always updated to the latest major release; this guarantees the possibility of having the data always correct and all the features that will be developed according to the roadmap.

Oracle database proactive optimization

SORINT provides the implementation of the proactive suggestions recommended by Ercole.

Specifically, the data is analyzed once a month and proposed to the “proactive” part of Ercole which prepares it for planning and delivery of optimization actions:

  • Defragmentation of the top 10 fragmented segments, sorted by recoverable space
  • Analysis and resolution of the top 10 ADDM suggestions, sorted by % of benefit
  • Installation of the PSU/RU to remain in the 6 or 12 month patching window

Oracle database licensing optimization assessment

SORINT provides, every 6 months, an in-depth analysis of the entire Oracle database infrastructure focusing on the following aspects:

  • LICENSING: We’ll provide an overall scheme regarding the Oracle RDBMS licenses and the relative options used, unused and expected in the current architecture.
  • RUN / GOVERNANCE: We’ll try to understand which configurations have an impact on the RUN (day by day activities) of the databases.
    In particular, the goal is to identify any critical issues that could lead to an increase in the duration of RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective).
  • CAPACITY: We’ll analyze the parameters needed to understand if the current infrastructure is correctly sized to better support the workload of the databases highlighting any gaps or excesses of allocation.
  • PERFORMANCE: In this context we will focus on the current performance of the databases, providing analysis cues to highlight any gaps in the application and service expectations.