SORINT Beta Version

The turnout of important technological innovations is revolutionising markets at an unprecedented speed, overturning the rules that seemed unalterable and imposing an often-exponential evolution on companies who want to seize their opportunities. The potential of the Digital Industrial Revolution is extraordinary in complexity and impact, moving at rapid pace, completely transforming the economic context. Everything becomes digital, the networks of consumers help to instantly spread new products, models and trends. This connected environment makes changes instantaneous, data analysis is real time, algorithms allow us to predict behaviors and possible problem, leading to a collective intelligence that can predict the future. To benefit from the opportunities offered by Digital Transformation and compete in the Digital Industrial Revolution, an evolution of the organizational structures is fundamental. It’s important to have structures capable of adapting to changes, which can anticipate the issues that will be the key to solving complexity. We must also have these characteristics – breaking from the past, release energies, values and intrinsic winning abilities.

SORINT faces these challenges in Beta Version, where “Beta” is not a transition phase but constantly changing, growing in the definition of roles, culture and competence. We must be evolutionary, adaptive, proactive and fast.

The challenge is to be leaders, innovators and not just followers, letting the innovation wave exponentially accelerate us, anticipating changes and adapting ourselves before others.

Beta Version is not only reflected in SORINT, in the transformation of the organisation and continuous training, but also externally by helping partners and customers to transform themselves and create value with new technologies. We anticipate change by becoming key players in architectures and infrastructures redesign, developing and implementing new methodologies, in cloud strategy and application modernization, in bimodal IT and open-source adoption. We have chosen to adopt an approach that make usdifferent and to play a leading role in this transformation, the Next Generation System Integrator’s one. The Next Generation System Integrator is Open; collaborating with startups, by other sources of innovation and the innovative drive of customers who want to evolve their business. Always listening (welisten) in countries like Italy, Spain, Uk, Germany, France and USA.

This change and this new era can only be tackled with discipline, transparency and cooperation. The change brings in itself fluidity, loss of fixed points, dynamism. We need new models to give substance to dynamism and stability to the future. For this reason, it’s necessary to have few rules that release the positive potential of change, to be followed with discipline. The cornerstone of building SORINT’s Beta Version are our values and capabilities. Fluid, evolutive and innovative organization revolves around Sircle’s concept, where all people are leaders and participate in the creation of their own mission, the definition of their own objectives and the achievement of personal, group and SORINT success. Be Part of IT!

Luca Pedrazzini