We support Onebillion

We firmly believe in IT and Education.

This year we have decided to support the Onebillion’s initiative to develop scalable learning apps to help marginalised children get the quality education they deserve.

We believe in the IT that helps people, supports social growth and creates opportunities for everyone globally.

This is the IT we work for.

This is the Innovation that matters.


Onebillion is a UK non-profit organisation committed to developing comprehensive, scalable learning solutions for children all over the world. To date, Onebillion literacy and numeracy software has reached over 114,000 children across countries including the UK, Malawi, Kenya, Cambodia, Uganda and India. The only European finalist in the Global Learning XPRIZE competition, Onebillion work with partners and authorities to ensure interventions use the best possible solution for the child. The vision? One billion children literate and numerate in their own language.