NGMS – Support Service Commvault Authorised Support Partner, CASP




  • H24 coverage of all Commvault technologies
  • Support in Italian for all Commvault Customers and Resellers 
  • High quality support guaranteed by constant updates of the Vendor to the SORINT.lab team
  • Escalation to Vendor facilitated by local support
  • Support via email and phone



Provide first and second level quality service to all Italian Customers of Commvault Enterprise Data Protection and Data Management solutions.


Commvault has chosen SORINT.lab as Commvault Authorised Support Partner, CASP, to meet the needs of the growing number of Italian Customers. SORINT.lab has embarked on the certification path through which a team within its Next Generation Managed Service has passed all qualifying exams to be able to provide first and second level H24 support adhering to the quality standards required by the Vendor. The technologies supported by the CASP service cover the entire Commvault solution catalogue.


SORINT.lab service concerns in the following activities:

• CASP Basic – 12 x 5 (Monday-Friday)
• CASP Extended – 24 x 7 x 365
• Incident management & tracking
• Escalation management
• Service management

SORINT.lab, which has deep expertise in Commvault technologies, provides the service in compliance with the SLA and Kpi required by the Vendor (including Time to Respond, Time to Close…). The quality control of the service is constant and periodic and is also based on feedback from users of the service (Csat). Since 2017 SORINT.lab provides the service with full satisfaction of Commvault, End Customers and Resellers.

The discriminating factor and added value of SORINT.lab service is the competence on Commvault technologies gained through the continuous exchange of experiences with the team that deals with the delivery of projects in the field of Commvault and the NGMS team.


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