Support for the implementation of Infocert Digital Trust services




  • Single point of contact for infrastructure and application management
  • H24 coverage of all relevant technologies
  • Devops and SRE teams with strong interdisciplinary expertise for incident and problem resolutionEasy extension to new technologies without the need to develop internal skills
  • Continuous Improvement on performance and accident prevention



Develop integration processes between the Core Services Digital Trust Infocert and the Back-End applications of its customers supporting them with a service in 24×7 mode.


Infocert, is the largest European service provider of Digital Trust, and offers its Leading Customers in Finance, Utilities, Insurance and PA, solutions that allow to digitize and speed up the process of recognizing the identity of the subscribers of the various contracts proposed by Infocert Customers to their End Users.

The digital trust services act as enablers to ensure the correct identification of counterparties, the authenticity of the data exchanged, the retention in accordance as well as the total confidentiality of transactions.

The nature of Infocert’s Digital Trust services is such as to merge with the digital services of its Customers, contributing significantly to the user experience of End Customers, their reliability is therefore to be considered critical.

For all this the services offered have very high volumes but at the same time the requests handled are very variable and distributed unevenly during the 24 hours.

The expectations of End Customers regarding the availability and the perfect functioning of digital services are very high, therefore it is important to seek flexible and reliable solutions.


To meet the above needs, Infocert has identified Amazon Web Services as the ideal vendor for the purpose.

Being totally digital and with a strong spirit of innovation and what unites Infocert and AWS.

The large number of services available and the continuous development of new innovative services combined with the high reliability provided by AWS, also from the Italian territory, have convinced Infocert of the choice.

With AWS services and SORINT.lab, Infocert has developed modern applications, built from a combination of modular architectural models, managed with agile development processes, which allow it to innovate faster while reducing risks, time-to-market and total cost.


SORINT.lab, thanks to its strong expertise in the field of AWS and development of modern applications, was chosen to design and manage the infrastructure best suited to the needs described in the scenario.

SORINT.lab, has deep expertise in developing modern software through its teams consisting of PO, Scrum Master, UX/UI Designer and developers and in designing cloud infrastructure.

The choice of SORINT.lab fell on the use, in particular, of serverless functions, considered ideal to cope with the uncertainty of workloads.

In particular, the AWS Lambda service, allows you to execute code without having to provisione or manage servers.

Lambda prices are calculated based on the actual calculation time thus optimizing the appearance of costs.

The development of native cloud applications, which employ microservices and containers, capable of being run independently in on premise or cloud environments combined with cloud infrastructure Aws are automatically scalable and highly elastic, allow to adapt to variable workloads typical of the business needs of Infocert Customers.

The H24 availability needs of the services by the End Customers required the skills of the NGMS (Next Generation Managed Service) of SORINT.lab to ensure operational continuity.

The NGMS provides an H24 service, with multidisciplinary skills in the Devops and SRE coordinated, in the execution of activities by the Customer Reliability Engineer to maintain efficient infrastructure and application over time.The service is provided by performing the activities in compliance with the SLA and Kpi provided.

Incident management is delivered following the SRE methodology as well as the management of Changes that include bug fixes, Enhancement/Minor Change.

Major change timing is agreed on time.


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